Human Resources

Optimal staffing is a critical component of the strong campus foundation necessary to advance UCR’s path to preeminence. Optimal staffing addresses not only the numbers of staff, but also how to manage and develop the deep talent across campus. In support of Organizational Excellence, UCR Human Resources (HR) has embarked on two OE initiatives that will optimize staffing on campus; Performance Management and Compensation Optimization.


Performance Management

In March 2014 Chancellor Wilcox formed an advisory committee on staff compensation chaired by the Vice Chancellor of Planning and Budget, Maria Anguiano. The charge of this committee was to make recommendations to guide future staff merit programs. Following extensive analysis and deliberations, in August 2015 the committee recommended changes to UCR’s performance appraisal rating scale, factors and forms. The annual performance appraisal cycle for staff employees will now conclude in March of each year. For 2015/16, staff employees will be evaluated in April 2016 for a 9 month review period (July 2015-March 2016). Thereafter, employees will be evaluated April of each year for the 12- month period ending on March 31. The new appraisal cycle will apply to both represented and non- represented staff employees.

In order to promote consistency in staff evaluations across campus, a Universal Performance Factor- Rating Rubric has been developed and will be utilized in the performance appraisal process going forward. Supervisors will receive training for this rubric in early 2016. Resources, standards and forms will then be provided to staff in March 2016. The new standards will be available on the HR website and will apply to staff performance going forward.

If you have specific questions regarding Performance Management or how it will affect your department please contact:

Elizabeth Sanchez
Director of Employee and Labor Relations

Compensation Optimization

The HR transition to Career Tracks was a major milestone in the recommendations of the Chancellor’s committee on staff compensation. Career Tracks is a new job classification structure which aligns UCR jobs to their respective labor market by occupation and also supports the development of possible career paths designed to enhance career mobility. Career Tracks is a UC system wide initiative, including the Office of the President as well as all campuses and medical centers and will afford greater career mobility and transparency within and across all UC locations.

Following extensive consultation and dialogue with major stakeholders across campus, Career Tracks at UCR went live in September/October 2015. The proactive, collaborative engagement process afforded much credibility to the mapping of old positions onto the new Career Tracks positions. With Career Tracks, UCR now has a classification structure that reflects the external job market, allowing for identification of relevant benchmarks and comparators as well as informed compensation decisions.

Strategic Equity Adjustments at UCR will also utilize a market based salary structure whereby UCR Organizations will be able to identify where they may be at risk of losing staff due to a lack of adequate salary. These equity adjustments will help campus Organizations determine what would assist in the

retention of such staff. In FY2016-17 UCR will transition to a single annual market equity review process. By moving from ad hoc equity reviews to a single annual review, UCR will enhance the fairness and consistency of the equity process and maximize the strategic use of available salary dollars. A comprehensive update of equity reviews will be provided to campus leadership in March 2016.

The HR website provides further detailed information regarding these changes. If you have specific questions regarding Compensation Optimization please contact:

Jadie Lee
Associate Vice Chancellor