Organizational Excellence (OE) Certificate Program

Goal of the Certificate Program

The Organizational Excellence (OE) Certificate program was born from UC Riverside’s grassroots Organizational Excellence initiative that has over 300 staff and faculty excited about working together as a community to build a more collaborative, efficient and effective campus.  Through the development of several organically formed workgroups across campus and a cultivated culture of collaboration, ownership, and professional development across all levels of campus, the OE Certificate Program will equip the campus with the skill sets necessary to facilitate change and promote excellence.  The OE Certificate program will be available to the broader UCR community, offering staff and faculty a self-paced, multi-tiered approach to professional development.

OE at UCR is about more than just efficiency measures; it is about capacity building. The OE Certificate will strengthen the ability of staff and faculty at all levels to identify areas in need of improvement and then to be part of the solution. The OE Certificate will provide our community with the critical skills to effectuate these changes.

OE Certificate Multi- Tiered Approach

The multi-tiered approach to Organizational Excellence allows participants to design their own career development at UCR.  This approach includes OE Certifications at three different levels: bronze, silver and gold.

Bronze Certification

The bronze certification will equip participants with a simplified, yet sophisticated, base knowledge of Organizational Excellence in four key areas.  The bronze certificate provides participants with the fundamental concepts of OE, ensuring that campus change makers share a common framework and language in approaching campus initiatives. The bronze level also affords participants with a bird’s eye view of potential career development areas as part of the growing OE initiative on campus.

Bronze Level Requirements

Successful completion of introductory courses in each of the following areas:

Collaborative Leadership
In- Person: 02/07/2018, 03/13/2018, 04/09/2018, 04/12/2018, 07/10/2018

Leaders @ Change
In-Person: 02/06/2018, 03/16/2018, o3/20/2018, 04/11/2018, 04/18/2018, 05/16/2018, 06/05/2018, 06/12/2018

Project Management
ONLINE: Search “Project Management Foundations” in the UC Learning Center

LEAN Forward
In-Person: 02/06/2018, 02/26/2018, 05/22/2018, 07/10/2018

Benefits of Completing the Bronze Level

  1. Introduction to the four key areas of OE
  2. Opportunity to enhance your professional toolkit
  3. Organizational Excellence polo
  4. Entry into the OE Ambassador Program

Silver Certification

The silver certification will provide a deeper exploration of the theories and practices introduced in the bronze level. In this level participants will select an OE specialty or concentration from the four introductory courses. Participants will build upon this concentration with select elective courses, allowing them to design their own OE path based on their areas of interest.  This level will also include a practical component in order for participants to apply what they have learned in the courses.

Silver Level Requirements

  1. Select concentration areas
  2. Select elective courses
  3. Practical Application
    1. Participate in an OE Workgroup
    2. Learn LEAN process mapping

Benefits of Completing the Silver Level

  1. Specialization within a key area of OE
  2. Practical experience with OE principles
  3. Develop skills that can immediately be applied to the workplace
  4. Celebratory lunch with VC Anguiano and VC Coley

Gold Certification

The Gold level capstone certification will further develop participants’ communication and training skill sets and promote continued career growth. Gold level participants will take part in a training course designed to develop and enhance the skills necessary to become OE trainers themselves. Once this course is completed, participants will be asked to facilitate two of the OE introductory bronze level courses.

Gold Level Requirements

  1. Complete an OE Certification Training course
  2. Facilitate at minimum one OE Certificate bronze level introductory course

Benefits of Completion of the OE Certificate Program

  1. Reception and Recognition with the Chancellor
  2. Recognition by being on a preferred Agent of Change list
  3. Access to a mentorship/coaching program
  4. Inclusion as member of OE network which will meet periodically throughout the year to discuss potential UCR strategic projects

OE Certification Program Graduation

Gold certified participants will be recognized as a Gold Certified Agent of Change and will be eligible to lead future strategic UCR OE projects on campus.  All gold level certified participants will become part of a network of recognized Agents of Change that will meet periodically throughout the year to discuss future UCR strategic OE projects with the OE Executive Leadership and Planning Committee. Gold Certified Agents of Change will be recognized at both the annual OE Showcase and at an annual reception with the Chancellor. This recognition as a Gold Certified Agent of change will provide participants access to high impact campus wide projects outside of their scope of the primary work assignments. Gold level certification will also be considered in an individual’s career growth and development plan.

To register for the OE Certificate Program Courses, visit UCR Learning Management System and search Organizational Excellence.