Reference Materials from UCR OE Events

  1. UCR’s Future Operating Model
  2. Primal Leadership – Unleashing the Power of Emotional Excellence
  3. The Path Forward: Collaboration, Community, Excellence, Wednesday, October 12, 2016
  4. The Path Forward: Collaboration, Community, Excellence, Wednesday, October 12, 2016 – HR Course Catalog
  5. Employee and Organizational Development Course Catalog, 2016-2017
  6. The Path Forward Continued, May 11, 2016
  7. Organizational Excellence & Lean Initiatives at UC Riverside, April 26, 2016
  8. OE Foundation to Preeminence
  9. OE Update, August 20, 2015
  10. OE Workgroup Kickoff, July 9, 2015
  11. Organizational Excellence Seminar 5 Output, June 2015
  12. The Path Forward, May 26, 2015
  13. OE Speaker Series Presentation Summaries
  14. “Project Management Office at UC San Francisco” by Mara Fellouris
  15. “Implementation & Standardization of HR Systems/Processes” by Omar Reid
  16. “Operational Excellence at UC Berkeley” by Peggy Huston
  17. “Lean Process at the University of Washington” by Mark McKenzie

OE in other Institutions

  1. UC Berkeley Operational Excellence
  2. UC Davis Organization Excellence
  3. UC Irvine Operation Excellence
  4. UCLA Restructuring Initiative
  5. UC Santa Barbara Administrative Systems Program Management Office
  6. UC San Francisco Operation Excellence
  7. UC San Diego Operational Strategic Initiatives
  8. UC Merced Chancellor’s Innovation Awards
  9. University of Washington Organizational Excellence
  10. University of Washington, Bothell, Organizational Excellence
  11. University of Virginia Organization Excellence
  12. Cornell University Organizational Excellence
  13. Excellence in Higher Education Organizational Checklist, Rutgers University
  14. The California State University, Quality Initiatives
  15. Creating Cultures of Excellence in Higher Education
  16. CSU Bakersfield Organizational Excellence Program
  17. Laurentian University Strategic Plan

LEAN Thinking

Challenges in Higher Education

  1. Contemporary Challenges Facing American Higher Education
  2. Top Issues Facing Higher Education in 2014
  3. HMC Horizon Report – 2016 Higher Education Edition
  4. Thoughts from higher education leaders: Challenges and emerging trends in online education
  5. Top 10 Issues & Trends Impacting Higher Education in 2016
  6. Big Data Analysis in Higher Education: Promises and Pitfalls
  7. Credentialing in Higher Education: Current Challenge and Innovative Trends
  8. Leveraging Technology for Higher Education Challenges
  9. When the Teaching Assistant Is a Robot
  10. Challenge to Change: A Report on the NACUBO Baldrige Challenge 2010 Initiative
  11. A Primer on the Transformation of Higher Education in America
  12. Developing a Strategy to Manage Enterprisewide Risk In Higher Education
  13. Cultivating Organizational Excellence