OE Workgroups

We want to hear your OE success stories! Whether you are part of an official OE Workgroup or your team is incorporating OE principles in your work environment, we want to hear how OE is being implemented on campus. From large-scale, multi-department projects to single departments or smaller teams, your successes will contribute to UCR’s OE story.

Please complete the project profile below to share your OE project with us. These profiles will be used for spotlights on this website as well as campus platforms. The profile may also be used as your presenter application for the 2018 OE Showcase Event.

Organizational Excellence Workgroups are key components of the grassroots approach to collaboration, streamlining, and standardizing business processes across campus. OE Workgroup members are self-selected volunteers driving change and excellence through participation in organized workgroups tasked with business process review and redesign. OE Workgroup members are provided leadership and supervisor support, including three months of approved time allotted for service on the workgroup.

OE Workgroup Member Requirements

  • 10% Time commitment (4hrs/week)
  • 3 Month commitment with approved supervisor leave
  • Participation in facilitated process workflow workshops